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Rin Sez:
This comic speaks for itself, really.

No comic on Thursday-- I'll be in Roanoke getting killed and hitting murderers with lanterns and stuff. (Read: we're doing Macbeth.) Look, advance warning and everything!

In other news, there's a sleeping kitten in a rocking chair behind me and it's terribly distracting.



Rin Sez:
Have I mentioned that I hate text layout? Because I do.

I am pretty happy today. For one thing, I quite like how this comic turned out (despite evil evil layout), and for another thing, I had the second session of my new D&D game earlier, and my whole party is mad. Like, I-am-going-to-give-up-planning mad. Today they did a mad jig, complete with bandore and miniature bagpipes, into the most upscale neighborhood in the city... and did I mention they're in the Watch? ^_^ It's far too much fun.

filler tiiime

In the latest news from Rin-is-a-spaz-land, I went to visit my family and forgot everything except my poor beleaguered inking marker. Thus the no-comic on Sunday, and thus this filler now. The scanner here scares me, so instead I thought I'd fill you in on what the girls have been up to while Lex runs around with the Dandelions Club.

Fall City Blues presents:
Eiffel's Journal
Being the Recordings duly kept by a Scientist, in the absence of her Partner in Crime Discovery.

Day 1: Quite busy at work today. Any further information is top secret classified so if I recorded it here I'd have to kill myself. Or something.
Off to the park to collect dinner. It's fortunate that many types of rock are left sitting around unregarded (therefore, free). (Although other types appear to be quite expensive. Puzzling.)

Day 2: Thought I'd make a smoothie. Blender thought otherwise. Oops.

Day 3: Lucy found the remains of the blender. Threatened me with a rather large kitchen knife until I helpfully volunteered to fix it.
How was I supposed to know it wouldn't blend granite?

Day 4: I can make this better.

Day 7: My creation is complete!!!!
Later: In retrospect, I should have anticipated that the 'Blend Everything' function was asking for disaster. At least it only got the curtains, one cabinet and part of the counter before it blended itself.
I think I may have a paradox on my hands here. Something to work out in the next model?

Day 8: Lucy and her table knife politely suggested I work on something else. It's a good suggestion.



Rin Sez:
These past couple comics have been so confusing to draw. Ugh, layout, every time I think I can't hate you more...

In other news, my sister is awesome. She totally came up with the gag in the 100th strip, and I, being the spazface that I am, didn't credit her. (And she hasn't left me alone about it since. ;P) So yeah, Anna rocks.



Rin Sez:
She'd think his incompetence was a lot more amusing if it wasn't so frustrating.

Perseid meteor shower tonight! I'm heading out right after I finish posting this and going up to Skyline Drive to watch it. Excitement!



Rin Sez:
Yep, all Frances's fault.

So I think my inking marker is running out, dash it all, so if there's a suspicious lack of comic on Tuesday or it looks weird, that's why.



Rin Sez:
Of course Lex isn't actually going to push any buttons on the console. He's just.. pointing at them. Yeah. Meanwhile, Twelve has a frustrating habit of completely ignoring nicknames.

My roommate has been watching Blue Planet. Guys, I seriously did not realize fish were so epic.



Rin Sez:
Twelve is efficient.

Guys, last comic was the hundred and eleventy-first, and I was horribly remiss in mentioning it. Or noticing it until after I'd posted. But I guess since I don't have a ring of power or a nephew to hand it off to, it's not a terrible waste of an opportunity.



Rin Sez:
Smithy got comm duty because he has a way of keeping people off-balance (also because he couldn't be trusted around buttons). He keeps them talking while Tavy and Twelve run enough analysis and such to get the tactical advantage.

...I'm sure they have a good reason for comm, navigation, and control not to be in the same room.



Rin Sez:
Finally! Now hopefully I'll remember to keep updating. It's hard to get back into the swing, blah.

Well, anyway, Confluence was last weekend, and it was pretty awesome. I wish I hadn't had to miss Sunday, but when you have a twelve-hour bus ride and have to be back in town on Monday... yeah. Still, I had tons of fun and even managed to survive my concert (it went surprisingly well, actually, once I stopped dying of nerves.) I know we've picked up at least a few new readers from the con, so hi, guys!

This week (and next), I'm taking a clown class, which is stupid amounts of fun. It's only six people, but half of them are funnier than me, so I guess it'll keep my head deflated.

And I guess I should add as a final note that this storyline, like many others, is Frances's fault.


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